Why I practice, “Letters of Appreciation”.

Why I practice, “Letters of Appreciation”.


It happened so organically that I didn’t notice I was walking into a lifetime practice of brilliance and synergy. One day, I just got drunk and decided to email someone who made me feel good. I don’t remember who the first person was, at this point, but the practice had begun and it would grow over time. The seed of the idea is pouring out  your soul to someone who has influenced you, in one gushing email or letter. It doesn’t matter if they respond, it only matters that you show them appreciation. Soon I was in the practice of sending out a series of emails whenever the spirit struck me, to whom ever deserved mention at the time. Soon I was in contact with film makers, poets, and artists of all types. Sure, not everyone responds, but when someone who has influenced you does respond, the affect is powerful. For instance, I was a fan of Wayne Ewing’s films documenting the life of Hunter.S.Thompson.I reached out to him and let him know. At first he responded with kind words. Next, a few years later when I did the same, it was offers of films I hadn’t seen. Then we established a relationship over years of “checking in” and he gave me the title, “Gonzo” from the lineage of Hunter.S.Thompson. The key was that I was sincerely a fan of his work and once a year or more I checked in with him to re-state the influence he’s had on me. His film, “Breakfast with Hunter” is one of my all time favorite films. I emailed him while working in Vegas. I emailed him while touring with Cirque du Soleil. I emailed him working in a grocery store. I checked in after my “Certified Sommelier” accreditation. These are the types of actions you engage in with a mentor, and I guess, in a way he was. His films led me on the way of my own development. I returned to them over and over, for a decade and they influenced my daily life. The same goes for the owner of the Beat Museum in San Francisco. I kept in contact with him when I was successful and when I was just struggling. Recently, I made contact with David Amram of Beat fame, as well as musical cinematic history with his original score for the film, “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, and Janet Lee.

David Amram was Kerouac’s main musical collaborator and is a prolific composer and entertainer at the age of 87! He is a true inspiration. I emailed to thank him for the energy he has given me with his wide body of work as well as his appearances on Wayne Ewing’s films, “Breakfast with Hunter” and “Animals, Whores, Dialogues, and Electricity”. I wrote him an email and he responded in kind filling my sails with wind forever! He works and inspires young artists all around the world and he personally took the time to write me back and exchange artistic words of creativity back and forth. This is invaluable to the younger artists and thinkers of the world. I awoke to his email and immediately wrote a college student I like to foster along in kind. The winds of inspiration blow and feed us all with energy to create and do our own wills. Do as I do. Have a cocktail. Unwind and write sincere words of appreciation to the people who affect your world today. Don’t be uptight. Drink. Breathe free and let the love go.

David-AmramWEB1David Amram


One day you’ll be on par and the next in the bar.

As I write this after a creative evening of drinking, smoking, writing, and recording, I look one of my recent entries and it says, “Back in the gym after prison and it feels GREAT!” How far we’ve come in the last forty eight hours. Jocko Willink is right. If you don’t actively tame the raging mind and body with the leashes of discipline you will open yourself to falling in all kinds of directions. I chose to do what I did. (That sounds guilty!) But I’m not guilty. Well, more accurately, I don’t feel guilt. I chose to go in a different direction. (Well, now you sound like your covering up and making excuses.) No. It is said,”Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure.” What I should say is that I decisively chose to drink alcohol and record a new short rap. I drank to enjoy the indulgence more. I drank to be “light” in the moment and allow my creativity to flow free. Yes, I could’ve done this sober. It just wouldn’t have been as delightfully free. The heights of ecstasy  would not have touched my senses. I would have enjoyed the song and my own creativity, but that’s like saying , “I went to church and had a good time.” Instead of saying, “I went to church drunk and danced, enjoyed the sermon, and connected with more people than I ever have.” (Before the whispers began.) Now sure, there is a strong argument for the power of habit and ones own practice of drinking and rituals like recording, but it is not my wish to bore you with the banal. The point is: One day you’ll be on par and the next in the bar. Sometimes you allow yourself to flow freely. Oh, I almost forgot. I also did a one hour comedy show in a prison.





Bringing the heat in sales!

The fabulous Hot Dog Diner- Click here and Salivate!

No matter what your business is you are selling something. You’re selling your product, you’re selling your service, and you’re selling yourself. In order to get your business into the hands of those who want it, you need to push it forward. I’ve recently been inspired by a visit to a local hot dog restaurant. Sure the hot dogs are the best in the Cleveland area, which got me in the door, but that’s not what made me walk out inspired and with a smile on my face. I have been to this restaurant a few times (but only a few because this sort of indulgence should not be an everyday thing) and the food is always over the top delicious. This day when I walked in the door to choose my local fast food feast the owner was behind the register taking everyone’s order. I walked up with my order in mind as he said, “Hey! How’s it going today?!” Great, I’ll have a “Snappy” Windy City Dog and an order of the “Redneck Super Fries”. “Okay”, he said “and your name?” Christian.

“Christian, you are going to LOVE this! You have to choose which sauce you want on the dog. We have over six different sauces and they are ALL fantastic!”

Oh, okay. I’ll have the chili sauce.

“Good choice! I love that one myself and what do you want to add to the Super Fries we have all of these you can add on for no extra charge. So good!”

His enthusiasm was making me smile and making me add things I wouldn’t have.

“Awesome! We’re  getting those together for you and you are going to love this! Here’s your total and your order will be right out. Let me know if I can get you anything else, buddy.”

“Thanks”, I smiled.

His enthusiasm and love for his recipes made him star a business. His insistence on quality and creativity stood out in an arena where all other competition pales in comparison. It’s not even close. The portion sizes are huge and we love it. Especially, when you are indulging in wieners and fries with toppings and all the gooey goodness you are supposed to feel bad about ingesting, yet I don’t. Sure there is a chain store one block down with dogs and burgers. You may save a dollar. That dollar won’t be worth it because you are missing out on the best thing in the entire area. Quality food shoved lovingly into your mouth by a local businessman who is passionate about his product and his community. The winning combination!

Are you enthusiastically offering up your product or service as the best solution ever created in the universe? If so, are you laughing and making every situation of customer engagement a living breathing positive experience? I know it’s hard. I may not be doing it everyday either, but my experience at the “Hot Dog Diner” in Parma, Ohio is inspiring to remember to “bring the love” to every customer experience. Sales will go up and business will return again and again.

Link to the fabulous Hotdog Diner here-The fabulous Hot Dog Diner

Summer sipping and checking in.

20151108_200827Checking in for Summer 2017. So many cocktails and so many wondrous wines. I have been utilizing my “Certified Sommelier” accreditation to sell beer and wine in a retail setting, as well as entertain and inform through my , “Thirsty Thursday’s” newsletter. Every week I look at a, “Winsome Wine”,  a “Beer Binging Beer”,  a “Curious Cocktail”, and offer a, “Tippling Tip”. This weekly newsletter is sent straight to your email Inbox for FREE every week! Thirsty Thursday’s”newsletter is over a year old now! There so cute at that age. From the strange to the educational, there is always something fun included. Now the gaze of my focus is turned upon the world of beer. I have achieved my Cicerone “Certified Beer Server” status and I am studying for “Certified Cicerone”. There is a lot of beer tasting, writing, and study ahead, but I shall persevere if I am to become the World’s Most Decorated Hedonist! After all, you can’t spell the word SERVICE without VICE. Vices are my Service, drink tonight.

Furthermore, I’m focused upon my ever escaping drinking book. It seems the closer I get, the further it runs down the road and turns corners taunting cheeky over the shoulder at me. There is so much to writing a book, and the material is ever growing, so the process must be controlled through cutting decisively and really honing in on what kind of consistent story you are trying to tell. Outlining and revising is eternal, it seems.

Where can you keep up with all of the obsessive compulsive studying, drinking, and chaos? CHEERS!

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My neglected native grapes!


I should be ashamed, but I’m not. There is no guilt! Nevertheless,  I have been living in Northeast Ohio for four years and the midwest for about eight years total and I have neglected to study any local wines. Why did I do this hurtful act? A few reasons. Primarily, local sweet wines from this region are not on my Court of Master Sommeliers exams. It is not examinable to spend my time looking into Traminette or Vidal Blanc grapes as they are not on my next exam. Now that I have become a Certified Sommelier and I am working towards Advanced certification, I can take a little time to learn about the local grape varieties that I am selling everyday as a wine consultant. The more I learn the more I appreciate this great region which has been making wine for longer than California. I am selling local wines and being invited to tastings at local wineries now. I better bring myself up to speed post haste! Here are a few grapes native to the Northeastern United States that are used in native wines. Vidal Blanc is used in sweet wines and ice wines. With notes of candied pineapple, honeydew, lychee it has tingly high acidity. This grape is a hybrid of Ugni Blanc and Seibel. Ugni Blanc comprises the eau de vie or “heart” of brandy and Cognac. Chambourcin, on the other hand, is a grape that can be blended into dry table reds. It is high in acid and low in tannin. Featuring black fruit, this grape can be oaken, tart, or lighter in the Beaujolais style. Baco Noir is a hybrid of Vitis Vinifera and Vitis Riparia vines. It is resistant to phylloxera and usually gives notes of cherries, raspberries, coffee, and leather notes.

Get to know these grapes and their qualities and you will recognize them in blends found throughout the United States. You’ll seem like a know it all if you talk about this information, but you’ll also be able to get a buzz while being a know it all so it’s a win win!